Where to begin with my thoughts? This years reunion was like every reunion, a time of coming home, to family I long to be with all year. Yet, it was different in subtle ways, as it always is. The first person in camp this year was Lark Steinmetz (KIS76), the last out Jack and Sarah Weddington-Smith (KIS72). 111 in total attended. Arriving in camp usually begins with anticipation of who is already in camp and once in camp switching to anticipation of who might be arriving next. With each sound of a car coming up the gravel road, attention is drawn with anticipation, of who it might be, recognition sets in upon arrival, frequently with shouts of joy, hugs, and backslapping with laughter. As time goes on, one will meet new arrivals about camp, walking to and from tents, lodges, cabins and impromptu late afternoon gatherings of cheese and beverages, shared with anyone who chooses to join. These can become quite large in number, breaking only for the dinner bell, where all walk down to the pavilion for an Indian meal prepared by fellow alumni. Rob Granner (KIS82) showed up this year towing his new invention, a tandoori oven, looking very similar to one of the Apollo capsules. It was of much interest to many. Chicken marinated by Mario Bellido (KIS70) and Bob Edwards (KIS69) was cooked inside the oven. There was also an over abundance of bluefish caught resulting in shallow pan fired fish, fish curry stew and battered deep fried fish. I overheard someone say this years bluefish was the best they have ever had. There was campfire time this year with Chris Granner and Charlie Franklin on Guitar and Ron Nunn (KIS76) on mandolin, heard bongos, but, I couldn’t see who was playing them. It was a special treat listening to Bernadette Bradbury’s (KIS88) beautiful soulful voice. It was great to see KIS Principal Corey Stixrud and Marketing Director Stephanie Cauvet in camp and to be informed of the current events at KIS. The direction and strengths of the school, and the open invitation for alumni to come and visit. Hence Bob Edwards Class of 69 will be attending Field Day 2019. This year there was a large showing of the Class of 78 for their 40th Reunion. In attendance (11) were Jenna Gibbs, Susan Seger Crummett, Mike Kolumban, Paul Kolumban, David Staal, John Lindell, Deniece Roane Mason, Karis Llewellyn Hazam, Anne Nunn, Tammie Nichols Grossi, Dorothy De Jong. I have to say their class added extra life and joy to camp this year with their good vibes and energy. Not to mention their two nights of get up and dance evening Canteens, with excellent music provided by Deniece. Deniece also assisted with Sundays church service. There were dips in the resurfaced camp pool in the afternoons to help offset the humidity and heat, lifeguarded by Hope Darnauer Kutz (KIS81). Which is what camp is about, one sees a need and steps in to fill it. Thank you Hope. It takes a community to make it all work. A few other examples, the much overlooked quite guy, often sitting near the fire, is Jeff Maegerlein, Rani Maloney’s (KIS86) partner, who provides an indispensable behind the scene skill set of making sure everything works and if not, finds a way to fix it. Bob Edwards (KIS69) our camp director and his assistant Rani, that order the best fresh food they can, along with other supplies needed. In short they make it happen. YET, but what really brings it all home and makes it work, is all those that attend, by helping with meal preparations, and volunteer kitchen cleanup after each meal and of course each attendees laughter and conversation. Without community, camp would not exist. A special thank you to the Monday final camp cleanup crew, Beth Grumm (KIS64) and Emily Jeske (KIS63), Sylvia Trautmann Rogers (KIS73), Ron Nunn (KIS76) Mike Kolumban (KIS78), Sarah Weddington-Smith (KIS72), Ray Weddington (KIS76), Bob Edwards (KIS69). Pictures of camp are available at Facebook group page - KIS Labor Day Reunion Dates for the 2019 mini reunion will be posted at this site sometime after the first of the year. and so How Lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard. - Carol Sobieski - for Goodbyes are not forever, goodbyes are not the end. They simply mean I’ll miss you. Until we meet again! - Author unknown “T” Teresa Teves KIS76