Welcome to the KIS Alumni Portal

KIS is the candle that provides its alumni with the light that radiates from within, to serve humanity. With over a century of history, Highclerc, Kodaikanal School and now, Kodaikanal International School, has grown into one of the finest residential schools in India. KIS strives to maintain links and connections with and amongst its 'global family.' We invite you to explore the links on this site to maintain your ties with KIS alumni. Our hope is to provide you with information about current developments at Kodaikanal International School and to facilitate alumni reunions and networking.

KIS is fortunate to have more than 100 years of alumni support. KIS alumni represent:

    6000+ alumni world-wide
    80 graduating classes
    a class of former staff numbering 700+ members
    Over 70 Chapters around the Globe
The goals of KIS Alumni are to:
    - Promote a close relationship and understanding between KIS and its alumni
   - Foster a spirit of friendship and loyalty among members of the association
   - Contribute to and promote the best interests of KIS

Current KIS Alumni initiatives include:

    An Alumni office at KIS in Kodaikanal
    A Mentorship Program for transitioning KIS students
    Monthly e-newsletters
    Annual Alumni News Magazines ( 7Roads and Class News)
    Two Alumni Guesthouses in Kodaikanal
    An online KIS Alumni Community Portal
    Alumni Reunion Weekend
    Chapter /Class Reunions and gatherings world-wide
    The annual Margaret Eddy Distinguished Alumni award

Assisting KIS Alumni are:

    The KIS Alumni Office at KIS
    over 70 Class Representatives
    over 70 Chapter  Representatives
    A Mentorship Program Coordinator

All former KIS students and staff have automatic registered accounts on the KIS Alumni Portal.
If you need help accessing your account, please contact the KIS Alumni office at alumni@kis.in.