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Class News 2016
Submitted by Iti Maloney
ADITYA VORA is in his final year of university in the UK, following which he intends to return back home to Bombay.
VARUN NAYAR graduated from Grinnell College with a degree in English last spring. He currently lives in New York City, working as an editor at a creative publishing agency. He’d like to take this opportunity to apologize to Vora. Sorry Vora, he’ll call you next weekend.
KENJI KAKUMOTO is studying Marketing at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University in Japan, after spending some time studying at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology until last year. Thanks to a number of KIS alumni who also attend the same university as him, he has been able to meet other Kodai friends from time to time.
MATTEO BORG attended culinary school in the South of France, and had the opportunity to work with some of the best chefs in Burgundy and St. Tropez in France. He worked for 2 years as the head pastry-chef in the French Riviera. He now works for 6 months and travels for 6 months, and most recently moved to New Zealand, travelling along the coastline and surfing. He is now working as a chef at a new opened restaurant in Auckland.
VIVEK PAUL is currently in his final year at Plymouth University, studying Cruise Management. He has a couple of jobs lined up after he graduates, but he is not sure about his plans as of yet. He recently finished an internship as a bartender for a year at the Holiday Inn.
TANVEER HAQUE is 23 and he hangs out in dingy basements with his friends, playing music for fun. His band is called Mitchell Lips and they have over 400 likes on Facebook!! He will be graduating this year.
MAYIN GUPTA is currently in the process of finishing her 5 year law course at the ILS law college in Pune. She has her final exams coming up, after which she will finally be done and become a lawyer. She plans to also do an LLM (masters) in maritime law, but that will most likely be only next year. 
SONYA MOORJANI graduated with a BA in Design and Media from Richmond University, London. She now works as a freelance filmmaker in Pune as well as a social media manager for a restaurant. One of her media clients sent her to shoot resorts around India so that has been quite an experience for her. In her free time, she plays five-a-side football every week and is looking to go to film school next year.
ANCHAL SHAMANUR graduated from Newcastle University last year with an architecture degree, and has now started working in Bangalore at an architectural firm.
SADICCHHA DHAKHWA graduated from the University of Buffalo, majoring in architecture. She is currently working at UB at the Communities of Excellence, Community for Global Health Equity.
HELENA DE ZOMER is living in Romania right now and in the 5th year of studying medicine. She’ll be done with that next year. She doesn’t really know yet where she’ll go after that, but she will be looking at her options as an intern.
DONG GYU LEE is in Virginia Tech, majoring in Chemical Engineering and minoring in Chemistry, Math and Computer Science. He’s trying to get masters in Computer Science and start a career in a programming related field. He currently works at Starbucks to be the best barista in my college town. He still plays soccer but not as much as in Kodai because he’s in the middle of my Chemical Engineering semester, second semester of junior year.
JEAN MANNERS is graduating in May from Anderson University, after which she is hoping to get a job in holistic therapy, combining counseling with nature therapy, yoga, focused meditation, music, art, and play therapy in the US. Currently, she interns at St. Vincent’s Hospital as a Chemical Dependency and Mental Health Therapist, while also coordinating for the Student Peace Initiative on her campus. She has also started her own lifestyle photography business, and will be photographing weddings this summer. Ultimately, she hopes to move to Kolkata and volunteer at a couple of charities, after which she will apply for an MA in Social Work and Social Justice/Law.
TARINI SRINIVASAN is taking time off school, doing an internship at a company called Latitude Edutech as a quality associate, and is hoping to go back to school in the fall.
SUBASH JAWAHAR has a clothing label coming out in May called MKE (website: He took a road trip down the east coast of the USA, and has taken a position as a project manager with a marketing firm in Montreal starting this summer. He goes to music festivals for leisure, and can't stop hiking all the time because of those damn mandatory treks in Kodai. He thinks Kanye West's "The Life of Pablo" will be the best album of 2016. He’s currently in Columbus, Ohio until he moves to Montreal, and ultimately plans to move to Austin, TX.
ANDRY DEJONG is living in south Minneapolis, Minnesota. She’s a full time English teacher at Washburn High School since January 2016. She spends her free time with extended family in the area, adult coloring books, perfecting the art of sambar-making, and learning to tango.
CHIKU LOHIA is studying computer science at the University of Kent. He’s in his final week, after which he will be done with studying for life :) He will then look for work as a programmer. He’s looking at job options Canada and India as of now.
CHAI NUPHET is about to apply for his OPT, and trying to get a job in the New York City or Boston in Web Development and Marketing. He is looking at his options in online advertising, such as e-commerce, etc. He’s in his final year at Roger Williams University in Rhode Island.
JAMSEL GYALTSHEN is graduating in two weeks from the Culinary Institute of America, and is living in New York City. He will be looking for a job after he completes his Bachelors in Culinary Arts Management.
JUN KYO PARK has travelled through 9 cities in Europe recently and met (fellow Kodai classmates) Raitis and Giuliano! He is now doing nothing for a year after military service, but will apply for University for next year. He’s excited to hear about updates from all his classmates.
ARANKA HOOSEIN graduated with a degree in Adventure Education in 2013, and has been working seasonal jobs in mainly the US and Hong Kong. She focuses on taking kids out into the wilderness and camping, hiking, rock climbing, etc. This summer she will be training staff to do the same at a summer camp in Pennsylvania. When she’s not working, she tries to travel as much as possible. Earlier this year, she hiked a trail in New Zealand for 2 months!
OONA YADAV graduated from the Wharton School of Business (UPenn) in May 2015, following which she moved to New York City to join Morgan Stanley. She will soon complete a year with the firm in their Investment Management business, within the long-only equity group.
FIONA DEAN is currently serving as a Minnesota Math Corps member tutoring math at a local Twin Cities elementary school. She loves it and could ramble on and on about her "kids". She is also working towards passing a test and some classes which will allow her to move to Mississippi in June and begin teaching secondary mathematics in the fall of 2016. She can't wait, and is looking forward to the crazy scary adventure of living in the south as a northerner, and the crazy scary adventure of being a middle school or high school teacher.
CHAYANKA MOHAN is in her final year at UC Davis, studying evolutionary anthropology with a focus on genetics and communication studies with an emphasis on research and design. She has two job opportunities after graduation, she hopes to eventually return to Dubai. At UC Davis, she has been served as president of the Anthropology Department Club, participated in Model UN, and served as teacher’s associate for two Communications Courses. Ultimately, she hopes to own her own event management company with a focus on educational events and workshops.
ITI MALONEY graduated from Syracuse University with a major in environmental public policy and a minor in South Asian studies. She spent a summer studying abroad in Madurai to improve her Tamil-- this was one of her most cherished college experiences. Iti now works for PWN Health, a healthcare startup in Chelsea, New York. Before applying for a Master’s in Public Administration, Iti hopes to gain some experience working on water and environmental issues internationally. In March she made a short one-week trip to Kodai to visit her parents, and was pleased to see how the school and changed and progressed over time. She would like to recognize her father, Clarence Maloney, for his immeasurable efforts to make Kodai School a green school.
AMUL GYAWALI graduated from Grinnell College in Iowa last May. He’s currently spending one year at home in Nepal, during which he’s had the opportunity to travel around Asia, visiting Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. He will move to the UK in September to start his MA in South Asian Studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in London.
ATMEEK SOHNI completed his Bachelors and then his Masters in Management. During this time his running career resurrected and he has started competing again. He started his own company during college which organizes private parties only. He’s currently looking at going abroad for a postgraduate degree.
SHWETA CHITALIA graduated from Ohio State University in May 2015 with a Bachelor's in Finance. She currently works at Goldman Sachs in the Financial District of New York and plans to pursue an MBA after two years of work experience. She is perpetually in touch with her Kodi crew and hopes to make a trip to the motherland next year.
DIVIJA MOHAN is currently trying her hand at stand-up comedy, whilst simultaneously juggling writing my own comedy for a YouTube show she is creating. She previously worked at Twitter at their NYC offices and at a TV Show called The Security Brief with Paul Viollis.
ANDREW SELVARAJ has transferred colleges from Florida to San Francisco and is currently studying 3D Animation. He will graduate in 1 year; after which he knows not what will happen.
TAMKIN HALDER came to the Netherlands in 2013 to do her Bachelor's in Environmental Science for Sustainable Energy and Technology. She’s currently doing her graduation internship in an MEP engineering consultancy company, and she expects to graduate this fall. She plans on doing my master's there as well, preferably working on sustainable development with either bio-based economy or water technology.
CYRIL CHERIAN graduated from NYUAD last year. He’s now working as a research analyst at NYUAD currently, and will be going to Columbia University in New York City for his Masters in Economics this coming fall.
KILP BARFUNGPA has been playing football in Shillong Royal Wahingdoh FC since 2015.
HANGIL JANG is currently attending university in South Korea after completing his military service.
VRUSTI KANAKIA has been working and travelling with different NGOs and non-profits, previously at Child Rights and You and most recently for IVHQ. As part of her IVHQ internship, she will be moving to Bali, Indonesia in few weeks and work in a village for a month. When she’s not travelling, she’s living in Bombay.
RIDI KHAN is at the University of Toronto (St. George), double majoring in Environmental Science & Psychology. She was also working with AIESEC, which is an international NGO that provides leadership development and cross-cultural internships and volunteer exchange experiences across the globe. She plans on going back to Dhaka for a short while to work with Climate Change mitigation and adaptation strategies which she is equally excited and anxious about, and most importantly...she’s remained a food enthusiast, mostly implying she enthusiastically continues to stuff my face with different cuisines throughout my travels.
RAVI TEJA completed a degree in Sports Journalism from university in England. After graduating, he went on to live in Spain for a year before moving to Goa last year. He currently works for FC Goa, a professional football team who play in the Indian Super League. He’s been in Goa for the past 7 months.
HEESUNG KIM is currently serving in the Korean Army.
DUGYEL TOBGYE studied film at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore. There he got to work in productions from school assignments to real productions for commercials and short films. During his time in Singapore, he continued to create his own videos for fun or contests with friends. Now he’s back in Bhutan working with his brother to create their own production company, shooting commercials and ads in Bhutan. He still shoots shorts and draws whenever he can. He has plans to go for further studies in fields other than film.
JOASH CORNELIUS studied English and Political Science at St. Stephens, Delhi, following which he worked for a year in a media firm before doing a post-graduate course in journalism in Bombay which ends in April.
ARJUN BISHT is a farmer, while also running a cafe and a hotel in Almora, Uttarakhand. He likes to grow blueberries, strawberries, apples, and all sorts of vegetables. He has also been doing some Paragliding and Mountaineering.
ANUSHKA MEHROTRA got a job with Scholastic in New York City, the world's largest publisher and distributor of children's books.
RINZOVA RENTHLEI is currently studying environmental engineering at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana, and hopes to be done in Spring, 2017.
SHREY SANCHETI is in his fifth and final year of law school, and will be taking his bar exams in a few months. He hopes to secure a job soon after graduation as a litigation lawyer. He enjoys being in Bombay as it allows him to bump into a varied bunch of Kodai alumni often.
JULIAN MANNNING graduated from Goucher College, Maryland last May, and is now working back home in Austin, TX.
AHILYA CHAWLA has transitioned to using her maternal family's name and now goes by Ahilya Wallia. Since KIS, Ahilya has majored in Political Science at Wellesley College in Massachusetts. These past two years, she took time off school to work at the White House as an intern for the office of Intergovernmental Affairs. She returned to Wellesley and founded the Wellesley Students for Hillary organization which has supported Secretary Clinton's candidacy at her Alma Mater through the primary elections. After graduating in December, she moved to the Hillary Clinton campaign full time as staffer serving in New Hampshire, Maine and now Wisconsin.
MYTHILI SAYANNA is working as a research assistant in NYC at a therapeutic practice, and pursuing a post-baccalaureate at Fordham University. She hopes to soon apply to medical school.
TANVI AGGRAWAL did her undergrad in Mass Media at Jaihind College, Mumbai. In 2014, she ideated her startup, an online portal that connects photographers to people who need them. At present, she is working on the startup and planning to do a masters in Entrepreneurship and Marketing starting this fall.
ADITYA TAVORA attended Kodai for just a year, but the school holds a warm place in his heart. He fondly remembers the elementary campus and Westover dorm. At present, he works as a Management Trainee specializing in sales and key account management for Hilton Worldwide, based out of Gurgaon - New Delhi NCR with a view of getting some solid work experience before joining the family business.
ANKITA HENRY has spent the past year as a teaching assistant in Taiwan, teaching English to kindergarten through 6th graders in Taitung, Taiwan. She has really enjoyed being immersed in a different culture with a rich history, learning Chinese, and adapting to the way of life there. She has found some great friends in the teachers she works with and of course, the students who make each day a new and exciting adventure.
DOOGIE TOBGYE studied film in Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore. He got to work in real productions from school assignments to actual productions for commercials and short films. During his time in Singapore he continued to create my own videos for fun or contests with friends using what he learnt from school. Now he is back in Bhutan working with his brother to create their own production company, shooting commercials and ads in Bhutan. He continues to shoot shorts and draws whenever he can. He has plans to go for further studies in fields other than film.
WENONA RAI is pursuing nursing in Colorado and is grateful for the beautiful Rocky Mountains as it reminds her of the Palani Hills.
ABHISHEKAN DAVIDAR studied at PSG College of Technology in Coimbatore, and will do his internship at CMC in Vellore. When not studying medicine, he like to play the guitar, basketball, and the usual fun things he used to do in KIS.
NAINA CHAUHAN is studying at the Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management and will graduate in one year. She has a well followed food blog on Instagram, and recently competed in a restaurant challenge where she won as the dessert chef.
SEONGLO LEE is serving in the army as a KATUSA (Korean Augmentation to The United States Army) and has about one year left to complete my service. He says it is great working with the US soldiers and he appreciates the dedication they make to protect South Korea.
TUSHAR KIM is a graduate researcher at Chapman University in Irvine, California. He is working on his Master’s in pharmaceutical sciences. 


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