Philanthropy and KIS

Kodaikanal International School is a non-profit school with more than 105 years of experience in the field of global education. Historically, the school has depended on the generosity of Christian missions, alumni, parents of alumni, current parents and other charitable institutions to make our vision a reality. KIS relies on its income from tuition fees to meet its operational expenses. Your generosity can help us ensure that we can continue to offer a high quality education, employ the best possible teachers and staff and maintain our school's autonomy and intentional diversity.

KIS Donor Projects:

Sports at KIS
The goal of the Physical Education department is to provide a program of instruction for the development of the whole individual through physical activities. This is done by emphasizing the relationship between the physical, intellectual and emotional well-being of the students.  The Physical Education courses aim to teach students the fundamentals of a variety of sports so that they can enjoy lifelong participation in these activities.
To enhance the Physical Education department’s infrastructure needs, our goal is to raise USD 20,000.

Music at KIS
Music has been a unique feature of KIS academic life for over 110 years and its contribution is evident in everyday life at the school. At KIS students develop a lifelong appreciation of music and go on to become distinguished composers and professional musicians.  Western instrumental lessons and Indian Music is taught at all levels in an extensive music program, supported by professionally trained music teachers.
To provide the Music department with Music technology and instruments, our goal is to raise USD 30,000.

Astronomy Centre at KIS
The KIS Science department is keen to install an Astronomy centre at the Poondi campsite and on Highclerc Campus. The Science department will purchase and install telescopes, a portable planetarium and other related equipment. The planetarium will allow our students the demonstration of astronomical concepts in a three dimensional environment that would significantly aid spatial understanding.
To install the Astronomy Centre at KIS, our goal is to raise USD 25,000.

Visual & Performing Arts at KIS
The KIS Drama Fund was founded in 2008 with the vision of having an annual interest pay out to fund exciting theatrical possibilities for the students. KIS has always honoured the value of drama which fosters future CEOs and world leaders who need the chance to build the skills required for dynamic personal public personas and team building. The Visual & Performing Arts Department plans to further expand students’ exposure to theatre by taking KIS productions on tour to other schools and theatres throughout India.
To grow the Drama Fund, the goal is to raise USD 50,000.

Excellence-in-Education Scholarship
KIS has endeavoured to encourage students who display a strong academic performance and achievement coupled with a commitment to learning. The student shall exhibit the values we look for which include an outstanding character the ability to contribute to public service, artistic and / or athletic life of the school, leadership, and critical thinking ability. Our commitment is to offer a holistic education to students who are unable to afford such an education.
We aim to raise $120,000 to create the Excellence-in-Education Scholarship Fund.

KIS Archives
Kodaikanal International School houses a unique collection of documents which track the history and evolution of Kodaikanal, the hill station, KIS from its origins as Kodaikanal School, the American missions of South India, their influence on education, medicine and health, and the social history of the eclectic population who settled in this remote region of the Palani Hills from the first British arrivals of the mid 1800's to the tourist site of the twentieth century.

KIS Archives is a significant and valuable pre-industrial sociological and anthropological archive currently seeking grant funding to copy and preserve its memory bank in order to allow the rest of the world to access its riches.

KIS has been successful in attracting financial support through Annual fund, class and private donations to restore an Edwardian architectural jewel, the original building of the Kodaikanal Mission Union, in order to provide permanent archive storage for KIS archives along with private museum and exhibition areas to make a home for this unique collection.

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