Karadi Malai Camp

A home in the lap of nature!

Transiting through Chennai and don't care for the city? This is just for you.

Herpetologist and wildlife film presenter Romulus Whitaker '60 and writer Janaki Lenin have set up a campsite and cottages on their farm near the town of Chengalpattu, about 50 kilometres south of the city of Chennai. Their farm, half surrounded by Vallam Reserve Forest, a remnant of once expansive Tropical Dry Evergreen Forest, is rich in birds, small mammals, reptiles, and amphibians.

Accommodation in airy cottages, simple, wholesome home-cooked food, a swimming pool, and access to Irula tribal knowledge all add up to the kind of comfortable wildness you yearn for. For more details and booking reservations, please contact us.

Three bamboo cottages on stilts. Wooden floors. Double or single beds. En suite modern bathrooms. A sit-out to watch birds.
Bookings will be secured by 100% advance payment.

* Walks in the tropical dry evergreen forest
* Night walks to set infra-red camera-traps and observe nocturnal creatures
* Day visits to nearby attractions less than an hour's drive:

1. Madras Crocodile Bank - One of the world's largest crocodile farms with over 2,000 crocodilians of 18 different species, snakes and turtles/tortoises. The Irula 'Venom Center' is also located here.

2. Dakshina Chitra - A heritage centre featuring traditional architecture of South India with stalls displaying/selling local arts and crafts.

3. Mahabalipuram - World famous 9th Century Pallava and Chola Dynasties' stone sculptures and friezes, famous for their fine detail and originality. Good sea food available here too!

4. Irula Tribal Women's Society - A tribal self-help institution specializing in Irula knowledge of medicinal and food plants and reafforestation activities.

5. Thirukalikundram hill temple - A hilltop temple complex and a cave temple has Portuguese graffiti from the 16th century! For fit people, as the climb up granite steps is steep and done barefoot.

6. Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary - A 'must see' haven for tens of thousands migratory water birds during the winter in late October through March.

* Taxi fare to and from the airport in Chennai is INR. 1500 each way.

* For details and reservations contact Janaki Lenin at +91 80120 33087 or at janaki@gmail.com

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