In Memoriam - Paul Warren Smith (Class of 1954)

Self Potrait by Paul Smith

It is with deep regret that I announce that Paul Warren Smith (Class of 1954) died Tuesday, September 22 after a short and intense battle with covid.  Paul's granddaughter Samantha Smith shares:

"My Grandpa Paul was unlike anyone I’ve ever met and probably will meet. He was so artistic, whether it be playing the cello, making violins, painting landscapes and portraits, breaking glass and making mosaics. He’d break into conducting songs in the middle of any meal. He was such a positive force, inspiring anyone that would listen to switch to a sustainable form of energy and to try and lessen their impact on the planet. He set a good example from the solar panels on his house and golf cart to riding around on his electric bicycle. 

He used to tell my Grandpa Bob, “We’re going to live until we’re 100!” I really thought he would, he still had so much energy. When I told him I started working for the SLC Arts Council he said, “I need to get myself one of those for my mosaics.” Which can be seen everywhere you go in Monteverde. 

I don’t have words to describe the pain that death causes. No matter the age or condition someone is in or if you saw it coming, no amount of preparation or lack thereof prepares you for when they pass and doesn’t help the emptiness you feel when they're gone. 

2020 is the worst year but full of life lessons and putting the important things into perspective. Hug your loved ones while you can or tell them you love them while being socially distant.  @ Monteverde, Costa Rica"