Mentorship Program

Under the auspices of the KIS Alumni Office and the KIS Careers and Guidance Office, the KIS Mentorship Program assists senior and junior students through the resources and contacts of our KIS alumni

The purpose of the Mentorship Program is to form a liaison between alumni and KIS seniors and juniors to help the students with their transition into college

The specific areas in which alumni can provide help include:

  1. Answering questions or providing KIS students with information about the colleges / universities they are considering or have decided to attend. 
  2. Being a contact for the KIS student in the city in which they will be living, if any alumni live in the area
  3. Additionally, providing assistance and being a resource by answering questions KIS students might have about their interest in professions and by advising them on practical steps on pursuing their career.  With limited access to people in various professions and little possibility of college visits, input from alumni who have experience in either of these areas is particularly valuable to Seniors and Juniors before submitting their college applications.
  4. Sharing your awareness that their relationship with KIS does not end upon graduation, as was possibly your experience — rather it has expanded into the 5500+ alumni around the world.

The essential element for making the Mentorship Program succeed is the willingness of KIS alumni to participate. If you choose to be a Mentor, update the mentoring option in your profile page of the KIS alumni directory

If you need assistance accessing the directory, write to the KIS Alumni Office:

By joining the Mentorship Program you will be able to provide assistance to the graduating classes, thereby ensuring that, as KIS students take their next huge step, they will benefit by the network of KIS alumni worldwide becoming integral members of the KIS Alumni community and remain connected to the KIS community