Volunteer @KIS

Hey KIS Alumni! Do you have career and college counseling experience? Would you like a chance to return to KIS and contribute to the school and to the students? If so, we are looking for someone to work as the Careers and College Advisor, on a short-term, long-term or even volunteer basis. If you are interested, please contact the Principal at principal@kis.in

Kodaikanal International School is a school that attracts diverse people and generates within them a lifelong affection and desire to return. For decades, KIS has encouraged personal and professional philanthropists in what has become an extraordinary and popular volunteer program. People of all ages, nationalities, backgrounds are welcomed into this boarding community and spend one or two semesters at KIS helping out with whatever needs doing.

Volunteers are housed, provided with all essential services, may eat all meals in the school cafeteria with the students and residential staff and receive an honorarium to acknowledge their contributions. Of those who come to KIS for the first time, many return to feel deeply touched by the experience of 'coming home'.

KIS has benefited in recent years from assistance with IT, archives, musical instrument repair, classroom teaching, artists, writers and musicians, administrators, architects, marketing, PR, graphic design, fund raising, sports coaching, event organizing. The list goes on. The gifts are endless and KIS is the wondrously grateful recipient.

If you have any professional skills to offer or time to spare or a sabbatical to take, consider KIS and contact KIS Human Resources at hr@kis.in