Colorado KIS Multiple Class Reunion - 1980s

Angie, Mona, Nooresha, Cathy

This past July, there was a mini reunion (mostly '80s alum) in the gorgeous mountains of Colorado, organized by Mona Oommen '83 and Binah Thillairajah '87. The idea had come about after having several Class of '83 reunions over the last couple of decades and really missing friends from other classes at those reunions, so together, they finally made it happen! The chosen venue was Winter Park Resort at 9000 feet elevation, about an hour west of Denver. Thirteen Kodai alumni (21 people altogether including spouses, kids, and a dog!) arrived up the winding ghat road, greeting each other with enthusiastic shouts and hugs. And then it was just "flag-greening" the rest of the 4 or 5 days. They hiked, went to an outdoor blues concert, ate some great meals out at local restaurants, watched World Cup soccer, hiked some more, ate some more... you get it. A good 50% of the time was spent just doubled over with laughter at something or other! Thank you to a couple of Coloradans, Kate Fuccillo Hemingway '89 and Nalini Jewett '89 for helping Binah with on-the-ground organizing. Thanks also to SO many alumni who expressed great enthusiasm for a summer reunion throughout the planning stages! Although you couldn't all make it, it's great to know that after all these years, we still all share so much camaraderie and that made planning it all the more fun. A few photographs are attached; see if you can recognize these people: Maura Huntington '81, Nooresha Basrai Biabani '83 (and husband Aqil Biabani), Wendy Hamilton '83 (and husband Dennis Desai), Mona Oommen '83 (and husband Donu Arapura), Catherine Huntington Motivans '84, Angela Huntington '84, Anil Paul '84, Roland "Rolly" Mathews '85, Binah Thillairajah '87 (and daughter Rasam Thillairajah), John Bharat Miller '88 (and wife Valerie Sloan and son Benjamin), Kate Fuccillo Hemingway '89 (and daughter Asha Hemingway), Nalini Jewett '89 (and pooch, Bindi), and Cheri Krause (Class of '94; Staff '04-'07).